Life moves


Against the plan

Today did not go as i had hoped. Fasting turned into a bingefest for me and I had one of my bad days (have had Bipolar for about a year). Hardly moved from the couch all day so that was a terrible lack of exercise. Puppet is being a bitch, I have a headache, and i want to sleep but i have a pile of laundry to fold on my bed before i can sleep on it. Tomorrow I'm going to run in the morning and then later go and hangout with an old friend who i really really miss after a bad falling out this past fall (We'll call her Ms. A) Also a friend of mine who i met from puppet, who we'll call J, asked me if i'd like to come over sometime. I'm very excited except i fear I've gained weight back. Maybe i'm just retaining water or something? I dont know but i'm worried i feel fatter than normal right now. Whatever I'll just fast tomorrow because today was fucked.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad day! :(
    Meeting some old friends will be nice - I always have a good time when I spend time with people I haven't seen in a while!
    Tomorrow will be better, I know it :)

  2. :( I'm sorry!
    I am having a good day so far, but that usually changes around dinner time for me...
    Tomorrow will definitely be much better :)

  3. at least usually if you binge one day and then fast the next, it's a definite weight loss. (:

  4. Wooh, Incredible how similar your days was to mine. I get you, i do. Just remember, tomorrow is another day. :)