Life moves


Haha.. Ha...

Mother: "Have you gained weight?"
Me: "Who, me?"
Mother: "Yeah you're face is looking fuller lately"
Dad: "Jesus, Dawn, Now she won't eat for the next month"
Me: "Oh, I dont care."
five minutes later I head up to my room and freak the fuck out.

WHAT? My own mother?
I have gained weight. I'm also bloated you fuck so leave me alone.

WELL, I'm not eating tomorrow and thats that. So fuck you. Fucking hell.
SHIT. How can i let myself be a fat cow.. what the hell.
Alright time for some inspiration.

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  1. My mum calls me chubby and things. The worst is when she pats my stomach and says "as long as it isn't a baby". I sometimes wish to punch that woman in the face.
    You show her you will not be fat! You can do it sweetheart (: