Life moves


I feel like vomiting. Too bad i can't, hah. Uhm. Yeah Puppet made me split some burger with her at mcdonalds. I wasn't interested in it but guess what. I ate it anyway! YEAH! :D !!! no. I had cereal this morning because i needed to be able to think for finals and then i had a 150 calorie cookie. why? I don't know. Then, when i got home at 1 me and puppet got the mcdonalds and then we went to jewel because i wanted straws and needed bandaids. While i was getting bandaids i was in the aisle with diet shit. Has anyone ever tried any of the pills and stuff? like i don't know but i think it could possibly just help. Like the xenadrine and stuff? I'd like to know if anyone has any insight on whether or not it works. It seems dangerous but you know.. I'm not opposed to trying it if someone's had good results.

Anyway puppet made me buy her Swedish fish (the big bag) and i had too many.. So then i accidentally on purpose spilled the rest of the bag. :) . And we walked around for a while in the extreme heat, but then her boyfriend/my ex boyfriend (what a bitch i know) called and wanted to hangout with her and she was like yes! oh, wanna come ?

UH no i do not want to go hangout with you and my exboyfriend whom you are now dating you fucking whore. Gah, a lot of shit's been going on with her lately. Like shes being a real bitch now that my sisters home.

What the helllllll.

I go to work at four. My stomach hurts really bad from eating so much.

FUCK >:|

uh. so i'm not eating for the rest of the week. You probably don't think i can do it because i haven't had a successful day since starting this blog. I am definitely going to do good the rest of the week. Fuck if i care what anyone thinks about it. Fuck.

-sorry about the language, Nova.


  1. Hey tomorrow's another day :)
    Don't worry about today, you'll make up for it, I promise

  2. I believe you can make it better.
    Good idea on the accidently on puopse slipping the bag, that made me smile :)

  3. You can do it! You'll do great :)

  4. You can do it. I never doubted you for a second.
    xoxo, Melissa