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Oh My...

So I hadn't eaten anything the past like three days. Then tonight.. I got home from work early at 9 instead of 11 30 so i couldn't just go to sleep. Then my Mother called me from the kitchen... Guess what was waiting for me? Chopped salad, French Fries, and a chocolate cake shake from portillos. Ho-Lee Fuck. No no no no no. turned into a bingefuckfestival. well sorta. I had the whole milkshake. Which is the bad part and then like a quarter of the salad and like 5-6 smallish fries. I mean not bad if its considered a binge. But bad in general/ calorie wise. But damn i have been doing so good lately and i get all the bad side effects but i'm no longer losing? this happens to me a lot though. Like even when i've been eating normal for a while and i'm weighing like a shit ton and then i start limiting a lot i just don't lose anything.. Its fucked. Uh-uhm, today though i did quite a lot of exercise and like i said i hadnt eaten anything till tonight and the last two days. So yay for that but i'm like 117 again. GAG. Why? And i feel like fat still? like usually when i get down this low i feel a lot skinnier but like.. nope. Maybe i have lost muscle and i have more fat than usual because last year i didn't do any sports? so maybe i like lost some muscle and made room for fat and that fucking sucks cock. fuck. anyway i'm going to be strong and not eat anything tomorrow because i have to be ready for camp. camp camp... camp..
i fucking cant wait. but i wont be able to post while i'm there. So after sunday i will be absent from blogger for a week.



  1. I hate it soo much when my family buys me food! Lately I've just turned certain foods down straight - my mum can see that I'm not eating much, but she doesn't make me eat anything I don't want to.
    Maybe you just need to push through it, and keep going? I know not losing can sometimes be downheartening, so perhaps you should stop weighing for a while, and keep exercising. It might surprise you.
    I hope you have tons of fun at camp! Going to miss you whilst you're gone! x

  2. My family always likes to stuff me with fattening foods. You seem like you're doing really well despite that slip-up. Have fun at camp!

  3. It's TERRIBLE when people buy you food, because then you're like, expected to eat it. Shit sucks. But good luck with everything, and stay strong!

  4. Hope your ok, come back soon, I miss you

  5. OHHH, that SUCKS. :/
    I'm sorry. You'll do better tomorrow! :)
    I hate it when my family makes food for me >:[

    All my love,