Life moves


I'd die in your arms if you were dead too.

Last night was hell at work. I had to work cash booth, where i take orders and money at drive thru. That fucking sucks. Plus you know i got paid, but it was only like 60 dollars because of how their system works. so my next paycheck should be like a lot. However i don't know when i get it because it's closing before the next wednesday. Whatever as long as i get paid eventually. So i woke up at ten, haven't eaten, planning on tanning in a minute. I'm gonna look gross in my swimsuit. FUCK. Water only today i hope. I need to stop acting like me failing every day is okay. It's not at all. I need to stop expecting it.
Well, time to get some sun on my paper white skin.

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  1. Well a tan makes you look thinner. Hope your money comes in soon