Life moves


Put me back in my place and then one day I might live again

This morning has already been a struggle. I saw that I'm down to 118 and that made me really happy of course, but whenever i feel like I'm doing good I think it makes me think that its okay to eat a little more. That's how i gain it back. So after weighing myself I went down to the kitchen and had 100 calorie breakfast and a 40 calorie coffee w/ milk. Why did i feel it was okay to do that? Because I'm down to 118 that's why. Ten more pounds to go to be at my ideal weight. And i would like to achieve that by July second at the latest which will be the last day of my film camp. So at least I think While at camp it will be really really easy not to eat a lot. I can just skip breakfast or something and not eat at lunch, pretending my tum hurts, and i can skip dinner. Really it should be great. Plus I'll be pretty active all day unlike my usual lounging around the house act i've been putting on for the last month.

Anyway just thought I'd inform you of my tiny bit of success and then my small breakfast attempt at undoing it.

My favorite piece of model thinspo:


  1. Good work! You're doing great :)

  2. Good job on the loss! Your breakfast intake was hardly bad, and I'm sure it won't effect it! Just get right back on track :) I know you can do it honey! You're going to look so good for camp! :D

  3. you're going to do great. at least you know what you're going to do, so you can prevent it. when i got really low, that's exactly what i did too, so i know what you mean. but i know you can do it. you're going to look so good! =]