Life moves


Alright so, I appreciate the comments and thanks to them/you all, I have called yesterday a transition day into being really serious about this again. Now that its summer I have to go by a different approach. I lost all my weight in like september/october and got down to 100 pounds.. I looked a little sick then, but at 110 i looked almost ideal. However, as the weather warms up i feel my tactics on losing weight aren't working the same. Anyone else find its easier to loose in the winter? Well anyway my new thing is to make popsicles ( i bought a popsicle tray thing) Out of anything 0/minimal calories. So far its working really well. I did have breakfast today of an apple and a 100 calorie whole wheat english muffin. That was at like 6 this morning. The only thing i've had so far besides that is a coffee popsicle that i made. I think this might work really well. My allergies are getting really bad though. Yesterday my eyes were itchy as hell and i keep getting nosebleeds (thats what woke me up at six in the morning) I hate summer. I'm a winter person, I miss it very much. OH guess who gets paid tonight!!!!!!! me me me me me me. I'm not allowed to spend any of it until i loose at least three pounds and not allowed to buy that bag i want until i loose five. So no food. NONE for the rest of the day.
Anyway, how bout a little thinspo?


  1. Good idea with the popsicles! sugar free fudge popsicles are just 10 cals.
    And yes; loosing weight is much much easier in the winter than in the summer. But then again I feel like I am more active in the summer; because I usually get up early to walk my dog then go for more walks throughout the day.
    But I feel as if I eat more, so I don't like it on that half.
    Stay strong

  2. i LOVEEE the thinspo pictures, omgsh. amazing. =]

    i'm sorry about your allergies, but that's a great idea about the popsicles! wahoo!

    stay strong,