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Hah. So this summer I am very excited because after my film camp I'm going with my family to spend three weeks in russia! YAY! I'm like 70% Russian. I only speak a little bit but i love the culture and the history. Anyway I want to go there thin. My plan is working well I'm down to 122 :D But yesterday wasn't a great day because at like 11 at night i had half of a blueberry bagel. What the hell? I'm not quitting my plan because eating only once a day in the middle of the day seems to do okay if i don't stay up late.

I have been doing some thinking though. I know, how productive of me :). Anyway, has anyone ever tried only eating when you're hungry and stopping when you're the least bit full? I think I might try this while I'm in Russia since i wont be able to just not eat while on vacation. Eating only when I'm literally physically hungry and not just craving or bored would be like.. really smart though. I think it would be healthier too, than just not eating or chewing and spitting which i want to stop doing..
Well I have to go out to lunch today with my father and mother to better discuss our plans for vacation. It will be difficult :| Not sure where we're going.

Just wanted to update you
-No Vuh. haha ?

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