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What Makes Women Attractive:

"Catwalk models are selected because they display clothes well first and foremost, not because they are sexy. If you look at the girls in magazines like Playboy, Maxim and FHM (the kind who look really good naked), that's where you see what most men really like when it comes to women: a good amount of "fat", especially around the breasts and buttocks. To me and to all the guys I know, a 116 lbs. 6ft girl has a body that basically looks like a particularly tall, thin, pre-pubescent boy. Sure, catwalk models look beautiful in the same way a painting is beautiful, but they don't look sexy and they don't typically look good naked. Why, as a non-pedophilic straight guy, would I ever be attracted to a tall thin boy rather than a curvy sexy woman? The problem with fashion magazines is that women assume that's what guys like, when in reality, men's magazines (like the ones I mentioned before) and pornography are the best indicators of what guys really like since those magazines first and foremost put women on the cover who men find attractive, not who fashion designers (who are usually not sexually attracted to women in the least) find attractive."

I found this in the comments on an article i stumbled across.

It's interesting. The comments are funny.

-Thank you all for the supportive comments relating to the loss of my dog. I miss her very much which is why this post is so short and not very personal. I haven't weighed myself in about a week and I haven't been very strict about my calories but i can't bring myself to really care about it yet.

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